Friday, June 25, 2010


I guess some people need rules, and I do to in the sense of moral rules and so, but what I'm talking about is how some people seems to need to have all their moments organized and decided beforehand. To me that doesn't seem to work at all (see for an example, I might do something else with that blog later though, so if it seems like it's about something completely unrelated please check the date of this post and move on :) ), nor does it sound all that fun. Some more routine would probably be healthy, but apart from that I think I prefer to be able to live one day at a time.

That is what I mean by calling this blog "One rule: Today". I do think one shouldn't forget neither past nor future, but just that one shouldn't let neither have a bad impact on today. The past is good because of the experience and lessons it brings, but grieving all the things that could have been or regretting the things that were don't bring anything good to today. The future is good for all the opportunities it brings and the hope it promises, but worrying about all the things you should do or which could happen will not bring anything good to today.

Sometimes this means that I like to do spontaneous things, the image that's the main focus of the design of the blog (the image of the trees and the roads that is, not the twigs or the squares on the background) is actually the result of just that. Almost at least, I might have had the idea to go hiking for a couple of days before I did, but still. A couple of years ago, in December of all months, I had a similar idea, and then it was from one day to another. I got the idea one day, and then the next morning I got up early and took the bus to the place where the trail begun and started walking.

Sometimes this means that I don't do anything all that spontaneous or fancy, but just enjoy life here and now. I think that's a valuable skill that I need to hone further, but I'm glad that I at least have begun to understand the value of it.

Will this blog then just be me mentioning that I don't have any plans for tomorrow you ask? That's probably never going to be the case, especially since I most days know at least roughly what I'll be doing the next day. This blog will however be a place where I post some random thoughts I think may interest someone else (or which I just need to get written), an image now and then, and perhaps something else. In short, it will be a personal blog like so many other, with the huge difference that it's written by me. I'm not going to promise that I'll write a post a day, or a week, sometimes there will be many, sometimes there will be few, but hopefully all are going to be worth reading. (Almost at least, I do have a tendency to write nonsense at times as well ;-) )

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