Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Opinion - do they care?

I sometimes participate in quick surveys at a web site in return for gift cards, and while it's a nice way to get a good gift for yourself or someone else the surveys themselves sometimes can cause you to think about priorities. I won't go into exact details as that would most likely break some agreement I've agreed to, but I'll talk about it in general terms. It is interesting how when you are to answer questions about food stuff or other products you can get many tens of possible alternative answers, but when you are replying to a question about your ideal society you only get a handful. Not sure how much to make of it, after all companies are probably more interested in (and thus willing to pay for surveys about) our opinion on their products. However, it is kind of disappointing that we're expected to have well thought out and deep reasons for why we use/choose a certain product, but not for what we think about our society and our future. I really hope it's not that bad, that people really don't spend so much thought on what to drink or what to wear that they don't have time to think through more important things.